Providing Real Leverage

RL Consulting (or simply RL) is a business and financial management advisory firm. We focus on creating and managing business value. We offer virtual financial director services for those companies that have inadequate or no CFO function, and where such function exists we support CFO as their technical back office support providing them with advisory, restructuring the departments, undertaking operational audits of the finance departments, recruiting finance staff, providing coaching and mentorship.

Decision making at all levels is complex. Companies must perform a thorough analysis of the current status and past results so as to provide sustainable value. We assist employing complex management accounting and financial management tools to support executive level financial decision making. We thus help in profitability improvement, capital structure decisions, cost management, performance forecasting, strategic management, and tax planning.

Compliance and stakeholder reporting is becoming complex, with financial reporting standard, changing tax and business laws. There is increasing requirement for integrated thinking and reporting. We undertake all compliance, including corporate secretarial/ governance compliance on your behalf or support your finance department in these areas. We help your organization with tax, regulatory, and donor styled reporting.



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